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SANAVI was featured on The Balancing Act®

Unexpected Health Benefits of Water

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It's all about great hydration! The body needs lots of water every day and getting plenty of unprocessed natural water is a great start...but you want something more! Reach for Sanavi! Made with unprocessed Spring Water with natural electrolytes and organic fruit extractives. Such a great alternative to sodas and other beverages with unwanted sweeteners and additives and preservatives.

Three Unexpected Health Benefits from Drinking Water

Three Unexpected Health Benefits from Drinking Water

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"I absolutely love sparkling water. Especially while pregnant and nursing – since I’m obviously staying away from alcoholic beverages – they really are a nice way to keep hydrated while still having that slightly sweet and refreshing drink that you just can’t get from regular water. And having recently been introduced to Sanavi Sparkling Spring Water, I can say it’s one of my new favorites!"

Phil Lempert - Supermarket Guru Reviews Sanavi Coconut

Sanavi Organic Sparkling Spring Waters Coconut is a HIT!

Organic Sparkling Spring Waters is a HIT!

Open the cap and you'll think you are in the middle of a coconut grove. The aroma is amazing as is the taste - just organic coconut flavor and carbonated water is a refreshing and not overpowering beverage. Like to see a little less carbonation. Great by itself or as a mixer. Zero calories, sodium, sugars and fat. If you are just tired of those coconut waters that are so heavy, but like the flavor of coconut, like me, this is for you!