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100% All Natural, Inc. was established with just one vision. To create an exceptional line of refreshing and delicious beverages that are both all natural and nutritious.

In 2014 Sanavi was born. Its name is derived from the Latin words for “Healthy” and “Life.”

Developed by a nutritionist, Sanavi starts with all natural spring water. Its unique blend of minerals and electrolytes gives the water its unique taste and adds to the balance our bodies need to maintain hydration. The flavors are created by extracting natural oils from organically grown fruit and concentrating them to bring out their natural flavor, aroma and sweetness. By doing this we were able to make Sanavi without any additives or sweeteners.

Sanavi is proud to be helping to launch a new food certification and has been granted Nature’s Healthiest® Certification. This strict, third party certification was established by a team of healthcare professionals and evaluates products to ensure that they are made from only the most naturally sourced ingredients and are truly nutritious.

Learn more about our Sanavi® Flavored Sparkling Spring Waters and Natural Electrolyte Spring Water by visiting our products page.